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Outreach Trip Overview:

Partnering Community:

Rocha, Nicaragua (Click to read more about the community and the project impact)

Project Description: Dining Center, Recreational Field
Summary of Trip & Project: This trip was a huge accomplishment for UBC as we managed to run it with entirely SOS volunteers in our first year as a chapter! We travelled to Rocha, Nicaragua where we worked to build a dining center and a recreational field for the students there.

Trip Highlights:

    The trip was an eye opening experiences for all of us. The lessons we have learned from our experiences is truly priceless and ones that will stay with us for a lifetime. We had a chance to get to know the community we were staying in and really immerse ourselves in the culture. The community members were so welcoming and always willing to talk to us.

    The kids were always smiling and wanting to play with us, and full of energy! We played frisbee, tag, kickball and cards with the children and had a blast!

    Teaching English, learning Spanish, the food, the interactions, and the list goes on and on. We just felt so welcome and at home, they made us feel very comfortable.

    We will always remember the loving and caring nature of everyone we met as well as how much fun we had with the kids. These are all memories we will treasure for our lifetime!

    Another big highlight that made our trip that much better was Andres, our NGO trip partner. We can all wholeheartedly say his perspectives and experiences that he shared with us was remarkable. I was awestruck with the wisdom and passion he carried with everything he said and the way he was able to share his views was something we will always remember. We can't thank him enough!

Trip Challenges:

    The climate! It definitely took some time for us to adjust to the intense heat, even at night we were constantly sweating and finding ways to cool off!

    Another common theme was the desire for us to have learned more Spanish before our trip! The language barrier definitely made it harder for us to communicate with the community. But in the end, we used our hands, feet, and anything to find to somehow communicate well enough!

    Lastly, the walk from our host family to our work site was quite a ways away! We had to walk over what seemed like a mountain to our work site everyday in the blistering heat. Needless to say, we had legs of steel at the end of the trip! :)